Beauty and timelessness

Jewelry is not essential to our lives. Therefore, we are always thinking about the context underpinning our creation. Particularly in the process of production, a direct impact on the earth is unavoidable because of the consumption of natural materials. As such, we need to be more conscious of the environment and our community when we make jewelry.

Although adornment has never been indispensable to humans’ survival, we have adorned ourselves with jewelry since time immemorial. Jewelry was meant not only for decoration, but also as amulets and other artifacts linked to rituals and burials.

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We focus on themes of nature, mythology, and folktales, following this principle: we bring the original implications of adornment, such as prayer and appreciation for nature, into modern jewelry.

By painstakingly pursuing beauty, we always aim to create jewelry which can be used over a lifetime, gradually accumulating the events and growth that come with it.

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Our mission

自然の植物 by muska

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we had to ask ourselves: What is the reason for the existence of jewelry makers like us? Should people adorn themselves with jewelry when our lives are endangered?

However, despite the question, there are many people who are looking for something warm and soft in this crisis, and we are thus reminded of what to do and what to create.

We believe that it is our responsibility to use the limited energy and resources that are available to us effectively. Whenever possible, we purchase directly from the manufacturers and properly give profits back to the craftsmen involved in our production. We are completely determined to have a positive impact on our surroundings as we create and provide sustainable products.

Our mission is to circulate happy energy by pursuing beauty and timelessness through Monozukuri—namely, Japanese original craftsmanship.

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