Muska’s jewelry shop “The Sixth Night” Grand opening

In December, we are opening muska’s jewelry shop, “The Sixth Night” at Azabudai, Tokyo.

This shop is located in an aged wooden apartment. Waro Flat No.4, which is over 80 years old and surrounded by various trees and flowers in all seasons,has been loved and treated tenderly by successive residents. We are very glad to invite you to this peaceful and cozy place.

“The Sixth Night” comes from “Yumejuya” (Ten Dreaming Nights), which was written by Soseki Natsume.
We have made our products with the principle that “we just liberate things that are invisible but definitely exist.” This rule is similar to the motif of the sixth episode of “Yumejuya.”
We hope that our jewelry pieces made under this principle can find their way to wearers here.
Grand opening on Sun, 15th Dec
Room5, Waro Flat No.4, 3-3-23 Azabudai, Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0041 JAPAN
Business day Wed/Sat/Sun 12:00-19:00
*You can visit on non-business days upon request; please make reservations in advance through the contact page.
*We have a salon space for customers to take their time in a relaxed atmosphere. We prioritize customers who have prior appointments.

7-minute walk from the exit 2 of Roppongi-itchome Station on the Nanboku Line.Turn at the corner next to Restaurant Chianti located near the Iigura-katamachi junction.Walk along the alley and you will see there is a white building with blue doors.
The shop is on the furthest left on ground floor. Please make sure that neighborhood is residential area.


千葉のmy sweet dogにてmuskaのお取扱いがスタート致します。


my sweet dog

千葉県富里市御料1005-62 ベネフィス葉山102
Open 11:00-18:00

Holiday selection for 52 Shizuoka

11/28(木)より静岡の52にて〈muska “Holiday Selection”〉が開催されます。新作のアイテムに併せ、ホリデーシーズンを彩る一点物のアイテムなどが賑やかに並びます。




Website renewal/ウェブサイト更新のお知らせ



テーマである「Eden」をイメージした bir(一)のカラフルなネックレスや、2匹の魚が水の中を泳ぐ様子をかたどった su(水)のリングなど、楽しいアイテムが並びます。

Muska’s website was renewed.
The new items from the series of “Eden” were also posted here.
There are the colorful necklace of “bir” (one) series with the image of “Eden”, the ring of “su” (water) made in the shape of swimming fishes, etc.


muska shop

少しずつ、木々が秋の装いから冬へと変わる時期になって参りました。いつも muskaをご愛顧いただき、誠にありがとうございます。

We stopped to take reservations for our atelier because of preparation for our new shop.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
Thank you for understanding.