Grapes are stars. They are glittering jewels.

18k YG, Diamond, Opal, Pearl
Marbled, milky, and polarized, the charms stones are arranged lavishly with diamonds and pearls. The opal charms are inspired by clusters of ripe grapes, lending elegance to every angle of your neck.
18k YG, Diamond, Opal
This set of earrings contains marble opal stone and diamonds, which render the look of ripe grapes on the vine. Rounded white diamonds are attached to the tip of the earrings, giving off radiance even from the back.
18k YG
The <üzüm> collection is inspired by clusters of ripe grapes. Each set is asymmetric and the size of each grape varies.
18k YG, Diamond
The set features hand carved images of grape trees on gold discs. Variously sized white diamonds enhance the images. Features logo engraved on the back of the earrings.
18k YG, 18k WG, Diamond
This ring is designed with a unique green-gray diamond that reflects purple in some lights, evoking images of fresh grapes. In addition, there are hand carvings on the inside of the ring that resemble grape trees.