Sand is the smallest MEMORY from ancient times.It knows where JOY comes from.

18k YG, Tiny Keshi Pearl, Red Coral, Silk, Polyester, Nylon
This necklace is threaded with delicate red coral and fine grain like Keshi Pearls. The gold button clasps have been finished along the edges to reflect light from certain angles, and the backsides have been stamped with the muska seal.
18k YG, Tiny Keshi Pearl, Silk, Polyester, Nylon
Size: S(42cm) / M(78cm)
The combination of rough-cut gold beads and sand grain sized keshi pearls enhance the delicate beauty of the necklace, providing a seamless blend on the skin. Each gold attachment is subtly polished to give an occasional glint of light. The medium size can be worn in a double-strand.