Board the MOON ship,then row out into the midnight sky.

18k YG
These earrings are adorned with dangling gold discs to depict a lunar motif. The sides of these semi-matte gold discs have been polished to reflect light and make the wearer’s ears glimmer with their every movement.
18k YG, Ruby / 18k YG, Emerald
The ay ring is inspired by the full moon: robust and bright.
18k YG, Pearl, Silk, Polyester, Nylon
Size: 45cm / 47cm
The designer twists and weaves various colored threads into this elaborately crafted necklace. Tiny drops of pearls are sewed into the necklace one by one. (*)
(*)Muska's jewelry uses polyester threads along with silk threads to improve the strength, so they are safe for everyday use.